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  • Free Service To Cast Call And Work With Talent Profiles It contains a site to offer free service for casting calls. In order to participate in this service, it is completely voluntary based and free service. By using this service, you should agree to international policies on copyright on the texts, photos and other materials. The website used in this Mahal School is designed for use and it can be only used within Mumbai Territory. It does not take any responsibility for the content posted on it by third parties. This website is a moderated resource. It means there is a specially appointed person who can remove any materials added by users in case if they does not match with the requirements. Moderators can even block accessibility permission to the site for individuals who violates any agreement. It is not obligatory to register on their website. There are many functions available to only registered users. One cannot post information and materials to the industry which violates the law of Mumbai as well as materials capable to cause any religious, political or racial precedents. Any public insults between service users are strictly violated. Casting Publicity Rules: All casting calls are under the moderators. Moderation may block casting call. It is dependent on the seriousness of breaking and publishing rules. In case, if your casting call is blocked, you can even edit. Following Casting Calls Will Be Blocked:
    Meaningless casting without project name and without description
    Castings without any typecast specification.
    Casting containing contact information
    Casting without meaningful header.
    Casting placed in wrong sectors.
    Block Publication Rules:
    It is restricted to place casting calls in the blogs section.
    It is also restricted to place any advertisement
    Blogs with meaningless headlines will get eliminated.
    More number of blogs of same kinds
    Blog will be blocked in case you did not use the option of editing.
    Terms Of Paid Based Service: They worked well with several partners who provide payment services. They will not take any responsibility to malfunction these services. They does not store any payment of user data in database. Terms Of Using This Site Service:
    User can subscribe the letter by setting profile.
    Private Messages and Comments:
    Users can send and each other messages and leave comments on blogs, casting calls and other users profiles.
    No one is allowed to place casting calls in the blogs section.
    It is also restricted to place any other advertisement.
    One should not post any meaningless headlines.
    If you comment without using edit option, you will be blocked.
    These kinds of information should be followed.
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