Acting auditions

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Mahak films is going to have the biggest acting auditions across India. Here can be a great platform for you to become an actor or actress. This casting can make your dream come true. And in time to come you will be known as a famous artists. And auditions is going to be held in some special cities of india. The names of the auditioned cities are mumbai delhi hyderabad pune chandigarh ludhiana lucknow varanasi kanpur jabalpur patna kolkata guwahati chennai bengaluru ahmedabad gujarat jaipur udaipur nashik aurangabad raipur etc. If you pass this acting auditions Then our casting agency has full responsibility to assign you the job.

Acting auditions

Full knowledge of acting auditions

The audition date has not been set yet. We will notify you through our website after the audition date has been set. And soon this acting audition will be started in all cities of India. And if you have to audition now, say this process can be done quickly. The main branch of mahek films production is located in mumbai Goregaon. If you want to give an instant acting auditions then you can go there and give an auditions.

Guys one thing that you will like very much, if you are a new artist, anything about acting. If you do not have knowledge, please come to us, because we give guidance to new artists especially. If you do not know about acting at all, we will give you training in acting in particular. So that you can be perfect for the acting role. Friends, we also have our own acting school, meaning everything related to acting that needs a career is here.

Acting auditions

For the fresher artists

If you are a fresher artist and acting is your dream. Then acting is not a big deal for you. If you think big, then you will get a place automatically. One more important thing for the fresher artist, if the fresher artist gets the acting, and he passes the audition, it will be a pleasure for him, and we will take his audition and put him to work in a serial. And if the novice artist knows little about acting. So we will give him full knowledge of our acting school. and will provide all the information of acting. And once the acting course is complete, will definitely work in a serial or film. And it is our guarantee

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